28 Feb 2024

Trendy or Traditional?

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Renovating your kitchen is a big investment, and you want to get what you like, but you also want your dollars to continue to work for you long after the renovation is complete for a decent ROI.

So what is the right choice? Go with the current kitchen trends or renovate your kitchen in a more traditional or classic look?

We aren’t going to hide it – we generally suggest avoiding the trendy kitchen route for the following reasons:

1. We want your kitchen to stand the test of time. We notice that trends change every 5-10 years and we definitely want you to get a longer life out of your kitchen renovation investment! Staying more classic and traditional with your selections, will have a higher likelihood of looking great even 15-20 years down the road (or longer!)

2. Even if you aren’t thinking about selling your house any time soon, it’s still important to think of re-sale value for your home. Even though you might love the super trendy look, a potential buyer might not. More buyers prefer a classic simple look as it says “you don’t need to renovate me upon buying this house!” but if you’re base cabinets are black and the uppers are red, potential buyers might think, “Well, this was clearly just done but it’s not my kitchen style at all so I guess we will need to spend money on the kitchen”, and take their price estimate for a new kitchen renovation away from their offer price.

3. Keeping a classic look in your kitchen will overall save you money. Not only from having to keep up with trends every 5-10 years but also in repairs or replacements down the road! Did you know that we have done door replacements for people nearly 20 years later, and then door fits right in because the client chose a classic look that has never gone out of style! They only had to pay a couple hundred dollars to replace a few doors instead of needing to do an entire kitchen reface or kitchen renovation!

4. Many people want trendy options to express their unique personalities, but we suggest staying classic with your kitchen renovation, and get creative with your textiles, art and decor, which are far easier to change up as the trends change!

We will usually recommend more classic looks, but ultimately we want to give you a kitchen transformation that you absolutely LOVE and are proud of.

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