09 Jan 2024

Small Kitchen, Big Difference!

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When you have a small kitchen, there are some limitations with the design, but we find that there are a few things that can help with small kitchen spaces.

  1. White / off white brightens any kitchen space and makes it appear larger than it is!
  2. Simple design, like this shaker design
  3. Simple hardware that you hardly notice.
  4. Having the sink face the window becomes a natural focal point in the room and lets in lots of natural light to continue to brighten the space.
  5. Add storage around your fridge if you have an extra wall to use! We love these pantry units and fridge uppers perfect for storing kitchen appliances that can take up a lot of extra space!

If you’re considering getting your kitchen renovated or refaced, give us a call at 519-681-1435 and we would be happy to help you out!

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